101 Sessions

Friday, February 24th
9:00am – 12:00pm, 4th floor classrooms & Azalea I & II


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The 101 Sessions are a collection of presentation and feedback sessions focusing on basic knowledge that every emerging design professional needs. During the registration process, participants are able to choose from 7 different events to build their own unique 101 experience. Sessions are 40 minutes in length with the various topics running concurrently to allow for smaller, more intimate groups.

Learn the Tricks, Get the Job presentation
A great resume and portfolio are just part of what it take to land the job you’re after. Do you know what you’re missing?
        • speaker and presentation details coming soon

Like… Umm… Don’t Say It! presentation
Filler speak makes professional communications much less professional. This class will help you avoid common verbal pitfalls and ensure your communication skills keep you at the top of your presentation game.
        • speaker and presentation details coming soon

The $#!+ The Didn’t Tell You in School presentation
Did you know that everything you learn in school, while valuable, isn’t everything you need to be successful in the workplace? Time to get your business chops!
        • speaker and presentation details coming soon

Social Media and Your Professional Life presentation
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and still others. You may know how to use them, but are you using them to your professional advantage or detriment?
        • speaker and presentation details coming soon

Portfolio Reviews (students only) feedback
You have a portfolio, or you’re in the process of building one… are you headed in the right direction to land the job you really want? As a portfolio participant, you will receive instant feedback on your work through one-on-one critiques from practicing professionals who know what it takes to show your body of work effectively.   ** seating is extremely limited **

        INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: click here for information on being a portfolio reviewer

Interviews (students only) feedback
What better way is there to prepare for interviews than to actually be in an interview? By participating in the mock interviews you will sit down one-on-one with industry leaders and hiring managers who can tell you what they’re looking for in top candidates and what you need to do to take your interview skills to the next level.   ** seating is extremely limited **

        INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: click here for information on being an interviewer

101 Recap (educators and practicing professionals only) feedback
Join us in session #4 for a recap of what our industry leaders saw and heard from this year’s students during the Portfolio Reviews and Interviews. Learn what the top performers did to stand out with these professionals and what pitfalls other students fell into so you can ensure your graduates are able to rise above all others.

Underwriting Opportunities