Thursday, February 1st 8:30am – 6:00pm, 2nd floor

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Welcome educators and practicing professionals to our Day of CEU’s.

  • All CEU’s are IDCEC approved; some also have USGBC and/or AIA approval
  • Earn up to .7 education units with full day registration
  • Course offering includes Barrier-Free, HSW, and Sustainability designations
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8:45am – 9:45am
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10:00am – 11:00am
Side Effects
Suzanne Story (Cronan & Associates)

Join us for an exciting hour as our course demonstrates the interconnectedness between the healthcare industry, legislative policy, design and the clients we serve. This is a basic level course that shows how policy can influence the end users focus and side effects on the built environment including Behavioral Health.

Changing the Way you think about Paint
Christie Wilson (Scuffmaster)

There are a host of unique paint options available, the days of one-size-fits-all solutions to painting projects are over. This course explains the options that are available and provides insight on specifying the right paint for every project and getting the best return on investment.

11:15am – 12:15pm
HC Combating Healthcare Infections
Ingrid Bender (Standard Textile)

This course will educate the attendee about hospital acquired infections, the contributing factors and address the social and financial impact associated with this deadly pandemic. The course will review preventions and solutions to HAI’s and discuss case studies where best practices have proven to lessen the impact of HAI’s.

Designing for High Impact Learning Spaces
Keesha Erdmann (National)

Education is being disrupted by shifting student demographics, research focused on the science of learning, and the impact of new technologies. Schools are looking at their roles through a new lens. Leaders are rethinking the environments of the past, which were intended for controlling students, restricting learning to a predetermined curriculum, delivered by those in authority. They now have a vision of education that is freeing, unfolding, and discovering who we are and our purpose as we live and work together. New teaching approaches demand new kinds of learning spaces to prepare today’s students for the future. As content becomes more dynamic, flexible and accessible to a large number of students, schools and universities are looking at how that content is currently delivered and what types of changes need to be made in learning spaces. We invite you to join in on the journey as we share insight into these evolving learning spaces.

12:30pm – 2:00pm   Lunch & Learn Studio
Solid Surface – Innovation Taking Shape
Allison Baker (Hallmark Building Supplies)

The creative landscape has changed as design increasingly becomes a fusion of ideas, material, technology and the environment. Smooth transitions flow between art, architecture and design and each medium must be able to adapt, progress and evolve with time. Architects and designers are the key to a seamless link between nature, technology and aesthetics, for both interiors and exteriors. Long-lasting, easy to clean, durable and elegant, the 3-dimensional formability of solid surface has been freeing innovative minds for over 40 years.

2:15pm – 3:15am
Value Analysis
Heather Barlow (Crossville Studios)

This course provides a technical approach to understanding the overall core concepts and considerations of porcelain tile selection including environmental sustainability and potential impacts to human health to improve the specification decision making process.

Sliding Door and Wall Hung Hardware
Chariessa Payne (Hawa Solutions)

This course will provide a basic blueprint for selecting and specifying sliding hardware systems that will achieve quality performance while addressing options for increased daylight penetration, code differences and ADA requirements.

3:30am – 4:30pm
Maximizing Water Efficiency for Sustainable Restroom Design
Kirk Gruben (Sloan)

This course is designed to help attendee’s stay current regarding the latest water-efficient technologies. Sloan’s water efficiency course will educate on building water conservation concerns and issues with special considerations to the designer’s requirements. We will discuss today’s innovative, water-efficient plumbing systems that make water conservation attainable and help achieve sustainable building goals. This will also include leading plumbing innovations such as high-performance high efficiency water closets, state of the art solar powered plumbing fixtures, and fractional flushing urinals

Standards, Engagement and Trends in Commercial Interiors, and Why Products Matter
Allie Day (Coalesse)

This course offers a review of the value of standards for commercial furniture and how materials can affect employee engagement. It is intended to familiarize the A&D community, facility managers, commercial building owners, end users, dealers, and manufacturers with the issues associated with why standards matter and why employee engagement can be affected by quality materials and how it applies to their everyday need to specify sustainable products.

5:00pm – 6:00pm
Four Poster Presentations by Masters Degree Students Moderator
Liz Thompson, IIDA, IDEC

1) Does the Physical Classroom Environment Influence Teacher Absenteeism and Productivity? 2) Higher Education Classroom Furniture and Collaborative Technology Use Hear about the latest ID research from the PhD community! Be inspired by out of the box thinking on topics important to our profession! Each poster presentation is 15 minutes long.

Architecture Presentation
Albert Marichal