Thursday, February 23rd
8:30am – 1:30pm


Tour Sponsors:
CRG Janus et Cie JCS Ziegler Cooper Architects

Tour Bus Chaperones:
Forms & Surfaces Johnson Simon and Interface M Jarvie Partnership Modern Luxury Page/ Tandus Centiva Wittigs Office Interiors WHR Architects

Underwriting Opportunities Available

8 groups.  24 venues.  1 unforgettable field trip.

IIDA Student Conference is being held in the bustling city of Houston, Texas; home to many of the top design firms and booming with new and existing construction. This event is a unique opportunity for confernce participants to meet industry professionals in their element.

Each student will get to explore 3 areas of interest: typically an architecture or design firm, a recent or in-progress project, and a showroom. Students are randomly assigned to one of eight tour buses, each making three different tour stops. During one of the tour stops students will enjoy a Lunch & Learn presentation by the sponsor of that tour.

Register to attend the conference

Student:  "If bus assignments are random, how do I ensure that I don't go on the same tours as last year?"
As part of the registration form, students who participated in SC16 are able to note the tour stops they attended. Our Tour Coordinator will do everything possible to assign SC17 participants to new tours this year.

Professional:  "I would like to sponsor a tour!"
Fantastic! Several underwriting levels will receive a tour as part of their underwriting benefits. In addition, we have a couple Premium Tour Stop and Standard Tour Stop opportunities for those who just want the tour. Visit the Underwriting page to explore the different benefit options, download the complete underwriting package, and book your sponsorship opportunity!

Professional:  "I don't have an office, job site, or showroom worth touring but would still like to participate in the tours."
No problem! Professionals who elect to underwrite a Tour Bus Presentations/Chaperones level will be sponsoring one of the tour buses and have the unique opportunity to tour the city with our students. While on the bus you are able to engage the students with demonstrations of what you do in the industry as well as encourage discussion of the tour stops that you make. Visit the Underwriting page to book your sponsorship opportunity!

Educator:  "I would prefer to earn CEU credits this year instead of participate in the tours. Is that possible?"
Absolutely! We invite our educators to participate in whichever activities they find most valuable: student or professional. Registration for CEUs is separate from your conference registration, with classes provided at no additional charge for educators who register for the full conference.