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Workshop #1: Rapid Prototyping Workshop | Future of Workplace
Presented by IA Interior Architects

Ashley Shipman – IA Dallas
Courtney Sciotti – IA Dallas
Kayla Weaver – IA Dallas
Morgan Lebsack – IA Austin
Zach Weihrich – IA Dallas

The purpose of this workshop is to take a hands-on approach to imagining and re-imagining the future of workplace. Participants will conduct a short interview to narrow the area of interest. Using the provided question set, groups will clarify what we call a “problem statement” which is to be the focus of the prototype. Each table will construct a physical representation of the solution to their problem statement. The students will be provided with a rapid prototyping toolkit which will include maker materials, a radical ideas packet, and an evaluation worksheet to help participants determine the relevance and impact of their prototype on the defined problem statement.


Workshop #2: Accessing Health Impacts of Interior Finishes
Presented by Perkins+Will

Mary Dickinson, Regional Sustainable Design Leader, Senior Associate, Co-Director of the Perkins+Will Material Performance Lab

This workshop will consist of an introduction to the health impacts of building materials and the tools and resources available for accessing their material compositions. This will be followed by a hands-on small group exercise to assess the health hazards of finishes specified on a real project.